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Daylong Yoga Retreat/Benefits–Everybody Wins!

Rejuvenate your Practice, Reconnect with Yourself

Everybody Wins with Hits the Spot 2016-17 Daylong Yoga Retreats/Benefits
with Founder/Director Scott Willis.

Each daylong retreat benefits a local charity and includes:

Morning practice: 2-hour flow of poses, breathwork, and contemplation
Introduction to the many practices of Hits the Spot Yoga—and how they
can support you to cultivate optimal wellness and meaning in your life.
Discussion and meditation upon guiding principles: gratitude,
lovingkindness, forgiveness*
Poses clinic: Hits the Spot Yoga approach to backward bends, inversions,
hip opening poses, sequences*
Practical yoga philosophy that relates directly to your life

(*Each workshop focuses on one guiding principle and one poses clinic. Contact us for info.
Yoga teachers can earn six continuing education credits (CEUs) per workshop.)

Upcoming dates for Hits the Spot daylong retreat/benefits:

Morrisville, Vermont
•November 20, 2016
• April 23, 2017
Hits the Spot Yoga workshop series
Keene, New Hampshire
• December 4, 2016
• February 5, 2017

Brattleboro, Vermont
(home of Hits the Spot Yoga)
• January 8, 2017
• May 21, 2017

Billerica, Massachusetts
• March 19, 2017
• June 25, 2017

All retreats meet on Sundays from 9:00am – 4:00pm
(Hours may vary.)

Suggested donation $55. Any donation welcome.
All proceeds benefit local charities/supporting organizations.

About Scott Willis, Founder, Hits the Spot Yoga

Known for his friendly, compassionate style of teaching, Hits the Spot Yoga Founder Scott Willis creates an oasis for students where they can truly enjoy exploring the art and science of yoga.
Scott has been leading yoga classes for more than 25 years. His teacher training school is registered with Yoga Alliances and has been certifying instructors since 2011.

Contact Hits the Spot Yoga to enroll in a retreat near you.