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Hits The Spot Yoga

November Daylong Yoga Workshop

~a daylong workshop for yoga teachers & avid practitioners

November 2015
Dear Yogis,

Hits the Spot Yoga entranceI hope you’ll join consider joining me on November 22 to spend a full day delving into the many aspects of yoga that we dearly love.

What: A day of yoga practice and discussion

Where: Yoga Center at Solar Hill

When: Sunday, November 22, 2015, from 9 am – 4 pm

Why: To share the day doing yoga and discussing its many aspects with a group of wonderful folks

Who: Yoga teachers and avid practitioners of yoga

Hits The Spot Yoga practice space

Workshop FAQs:

What will the day include?

Morning practice: Poses, breathwork and meditation

Poses clinic: Hits the Spot Yoga approach to inversions

Teachers’ forum: Living your dharma

Discussions: Different aspects of yoga and finding your dharma

Lunch Break: Bring your own and enjoy it at or around Solar Hill

Hits The Spot Yoga at Solar Hill in Brattleboro, Vermont

What is dharma?

According to Stephen Cope, who wrote The Great Work of Your Life, “The Sanskrit word “dharma,” as used in the Bhagavad Gita, is so full of meaning that it is impossible to grasp its full scope through any English translation.” Wow. At its core, you could consider it your life’s meaning and purpose. For this workshop, we’ll use Stephen’s book as inspiration for identifying something that is important to you and on which you would like to put more focus to get more satisfaction out of life.

Will I have to teach yoga in the workshop?

No. Both yoga teachers and non-teachers are invited to attend.  Yoga teachers can earn 6 continuing education credits (CEUs).

I understand this is just one workshop in a series. Do I have to sign up for all—or more than one—workshop?

No. Feel free to join us for any of the workshops you are interested in. Click here to learn about the other workshops in this series.

Cost: $75 per workshop or $60 each if you sign up for all four.

Info and registration: Contact me at (802) 257-1926 or scott-willis@comcast.net
or find out more on the Facebook event page.  (Note: space limited.)

I hope to see you there!