Private Lessons

I offer individualized instruction in packages of 3 private lessons.

Lesson 1 – you and I will discuss your wants and needs for a home practice of yoga, that is just right for your unique body and lifestyle at this time in your life. We will then begin to create a personalized lesson plan for you, with variations of warm-ups and poses that you not only CAN do, but that you WANT to do.

Lesson 2 – we will review the warm-ups and poses that we chose in lesson 1, and continue to add warm-ups and poses until have come up with just the right combination for your home practice.

(Between lesson 2 and lesson 3 – I will create a formal written lesson plan for your home practice.)

Lesson 3 – I will lead you through your personalized lesson plan, and record it, using my home recording equipment. You will leave with a CD of exceptional quality that will be an invaluable tool for your practice at home!