Scott’s Three Year Hits The Spot™ Yoga Curriculum

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Beginning Yoga Classes
Include postures which often are quite comfortable for folks who have little or no experience with yoga. We progress through the semester, befriending the postures by revisiting them week to week as well as slowly introducing new ones. We will learn postures such as bridge, tree, downward facing dog, triangle, warriors I and II, dancer, sun salutation, half shoulder stand and many others.

A typical 1 1/4 hour class consists of warm-ups, postures, some easy going breathwork and a 10 minute relaxation. You will also learn simple meditation techniques.

Beginning/Intermediate Yoga Classes
Feature postures best suited for students with a year of yoga experience. However, most folks with little or no experience are comfortable beginning with this class. We will explore postures such as frog, eagle, bow, revolved triangle (with props), and many more, including yin postures (easy/moderate postures held for a period of time). Breathwork will expand to include calming, balancing and invigorating breathing techniques. Every two or three weeks we will end with a 10 minute meditation, focusing on breath and sensations.

Intermediate Yoga Classes
In the third year, we spend a little more time practicing and learning each new posture, exploring balancing sequences, twists, upward facing bow, supported shoulder stand, plow, pigeon variations, half moon, revolved side angle and many more. You will often use props to create just the right variation of a posture for your unique body. We will also have fun with a variety of full-bodied yoga sequences, as well as continue our exploration of breathing and meditation techniques.

Yoga Flow
Beginner/Intermediate level poses flow from one into the other in a meditative way. The class ends with a 20 minute guided meditation.

Yin Yoga
We begin with warm-ups and ease into mostly stretch-oriented poses, each of which lasts 4 minutes. Great for flexibility and joint health.