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What is Hits the Spot Yoga?

I’ve been teaching yoga and related mind-body classes for 30 years. When I first decided to define the unique style of yoga I teach, I wanted a term that would immediately communicate the benefit to students and practitioners. That’s how “Hits the Spot Yoga” came to be.

Over the years, many of my students told me that my yoga classes really “hit the spot” for them. That held true regardless of whether they needed relief after sitting at a desk all day, wanted a stretch after gardening, were recovering from surgery, or were just getting into yoga for the first time. I liked that idea of “hitting the spot” for students. It fit with my philosophy of offering friendly, compassionate yoga classes for folks of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

And so the name for my yoga style was born.

Through Hits the Spot Yoga, I emphasize doing poses in a way that’s right for each student’s body and needs. A guiding principle is for each person to choose a gentle, moderate, or vigorous version of a pose—whatever satisfies them, without worrying about what others are doing. There’s no competition in my classes. We’re all there to stretch, move, and feel good, going to our individual steady edge with proper alignment, using variations and props to get it just right for each of us.

Beyond the physical benefits, Hits the Spot Yoga seems to support folks in deep, personal ways. Students have told me my classes “hit the spot” when they feel scattered, stressed, tense, or pulled in different directions. The classes help when they are anxious, afraid, or lonely. They are also a great tonic for those who are tired of the competitive aspect that can flourish in yoga classes and just want to move in a way that feels good to them.

My students all know that one of my favorite quotes is from Erich Schiffmann: “Yoga will make you sensitive to the stillness, the presence, the hush, the peace of God. This deep inner stillness is at the core of your being. It is the ground, the joy of your being. The radiant peace you’ll experience is what happens naturally when the creative energy of God is allowed to flow through you unobstructed.”

That really underscores the idea behind Hits the Spot Yoga: to help students move their bodies in a way that allows them to feel that creative energy—of god, of the universe, of life—moving through them and nourishing their beings.

As I said, I’ve been teaching yoga for three decades—most of that time right here in Brattleboro, Vermont, as the lead instructor for The Yoga Center at Solar Hill. Hits the Spot Yoga is the culmination of my work and practice over the years. My primary influences have been Anusara, Kripalu, and Iyengar yoga styles, as well as Insight Meditation. Since 2011, I’ve been the director and lead instructor for the Hits the Spot Yoga 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs, where I teach emerging and established yoga teachers to share the Hits the Spot Yoga style with their own students.

The bottom line is what I tell my students: “It’s your body. It’s your time. It’s your class.” My yoga classes provide an oasis for them to take care of themselves and enjoy themselves in a non-competitive atmosphere of calm and peace—with a few jokes tossed in there, now and then. J